Why Kashi and Mathura?

In the last article we saw how the Muslim Invaders tried to obliterate the cultural foundation of this country. The new generation of young Hindus are perhaps not in touch with or are unaware of the the pain and anguish experienced by their forefathers/ previous generations.

The biggest symbols of Hinduism were temples of Somnath, Kashi Vishwanath, Mathura and Ayodhya. These places of Hindu pride were destroyed for specific purpose and hence the sentiments of "अयोध्या तो झांकी हैं, काशी मथुरा बाकी हैं". Unfortunately they are interpreted as bravado or a war cry but in reality they are of that pain and anguish.

Krishna Janmabhoomi

The Temple of Krishna at Mathura was built by Bir Singh Deo Bundela at the birthplace of Krishna at a cost of thirty-three lakhs of rupees. It was one of the most magnificent Temples ever built in India and enjoyed veneration of the Hindus throughout the land.

Aurangzeb ordered the destruction and demolition of this great temple.

The destruction of temple at Mathura is also documented by ‘Mustad Khan’ in his chronicles.

It was demolished in the month of Ramzan, 1080 A.H. (13th January – 11th February 1670) by Aurangzeb’s order. “In a short time, the destruction of this strong foundation of infidelity was accomplished and on its site a lofty mosque was built at the expenditure of a large sum.” To the author of Maasir-i-‘Alamigiri, the accomplishment of this “seemingly impossible work was an “instance of the strength of the Emperor’s faith.”

A Mughal painting which depicts the destruction of Krishna Janmasthan (birthplace of Krishna) temple at Mathura. The painting also depicts the idol of Lord Krishna was placed at the footsteps of royal Jahanara Begum Mosque in Agra for the devout Muslims to continually trod the idol with their feet. It must have been so disgraceful for Hindus.

Aurangzeb even changed the name of the sacred city of Mathura to "Islamabad".

(Translated by Jadunath Sarkar, 1947)

The only progressive change brought about by Aurangzeb was allowing marriage of Emperors daughters. As per the orders of Akbar, the daughters of Emperor were forbidden from getting married. Looking at the plight of his own sisters, Aurangzeb issued a firman which allowed the marriage of such princesses.

However as far as we are concerned, we must restore our National Heritage.

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